Hunan Chuxiang Construction Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1954. Its predecessor was a coal mine infrastructure construction unit directly under the former Ministry of Coal Industry. It has reorganized and formed an enterprise group in January 2018 as a wholly state-owned subsidiary of Hunan Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd. We have more than 60 years of domestic and international construction contracting experience, as a large-scale comprehensive construction enterprise, Integrating "construction, management, and financing". The registered capital is 310 million yuan. The registered capital is 310 million yuan, with more than 1,200 sets of various types of major construction equipment and a total asset of 811 million yuan, ranking the second place in the coal construction industry in China.

Our business involves mine construction, mine trusteeship, construction and installation, real estate development, geological prospecting, design consulting, property services and other fields, covering more than 20 provinces across the country and foreign country such as Vietnam. The group has five first-level qualifications of mine engineering construction general contracting level 1, construction engineering general contracting level 1, building mechanical and electrical installation engineering professional contracting level 1, building decoration and decoration engineering professional contracting level 1, and foundation engineering professional contracting level 1 qualification; There are 4 grade-B construction qualifications, 2 grade-3 qualifications of Surveying and mapping, grade-C of geological disaster prevention and design, third-party assessment of green mines total 18 qualifications

Chuxiang Construction Engineering Group firmly relies on the leading technical level and excellent innovation ability to continuously serve the national strategy and lead the development of the industry. It has edited one national standard and three industrial standards; 6 provincial and ministerial construction methods (2 provincial and 4 ministerial); It has 23 invention patents, including 2 invention patents and 21 utility model patents; It has passed the "Trinity" standard implementation certification of quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system for many consecutive years; It is recognized as a national high-tech enterprise by the Ministry of science and technology.

The Group insists on high-quality development which is committed to strengthening the technical research of engineering projects, intensifying the adjustment of industrial structure, and deepening strategic cooperation with major domestic and foreign "owners". It has rich experience about complex conditions, high safety risks projects with difficult construction. We had owned the first license of the national coal mine safety production permits in Hunan. The group had successively won two second prizes for scientific and technological innovation achievements of Chinese construction enterprises; he has repeatedly won the "Sun Cup", the highest quality award in the national coal industry, the "High Quality Engineering Award" in the coal industry, and the "Furong Cup"(the highest quality award in Hunan Construction Industy). The construction experience of several thousand-meter ultra-deep vertical shafts has given our Group a unique advantage which has set a record of 142.2 meters of wells built in a single month, ranking third in the country.

Start with quality and loyalty to responsibility. Our Group always adheres to the management concept of "inheritance, integration, integrity and innovation", vigorously promotes the core values of "pragmatism, dedication, innovation and advancement", continuously promotes the deepening of reform, promotes transformation and upgrading, and strives to build a strategic development pattern of "one main body and two wings" with mine construction plate as the main body and housing construction and mine trusteeship as auxiliary From underground to surface, from domestic to foreign, integrated design, construction, operation, diversified development of comprehensive service providers and multinational groups.


  • 1954


  • 18+

    Construction qualification

  • 1200+