Liao Jianxiang, party secretary and chairman of Xiangmei group Research in Chuxiang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd


On August 20th, Liao Jianxiang, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Xiangmei group and chairman of the joint stock company, investigated the implementation of the spirit of the economic activity analysis meeting in the first half of the year, the promotion of annual objectives, enterprise innovation and development, deepening reform and grass-roots party construction in Chuxiang Construction Engineering Group.It is emphasized that it should be consistent, adhere to strategic navigation, strengthen strategic conservation, make up for weaknesses, strengthen excellence and achieve progressive improvement.Strive to be the "vanguard" of safety, efficiency and ecology, firmly establish the brand image and build a "mine construction Hunan army".

The orientation is positive and all-out, no struggle, no Chu Xiang.Since the beginning of this year, Chuxiang Construction Engineering Group has focused on the concept of "mining construction as a brand, increasing the scale of housing construction, trusteeship to improve benefits, property and design to supplement and strengthen the chain, and the overall strategy of overseas market service", consolidated the advantageous fields, made efforts to develop the market, innovated the profit model, won the award of high-tech enterprise, and the trusteeship business has achieved blowout development. The enterprise presents a thriving scene. From January to July, the revenue was nearly 2 billion, with a year-on-year increase of more than 250 million Yuan; The profit was 46.84 million yuan , an increase of 2004 million yuan year-on-year, and 70% of the annual goal was achieved. He won the title of "excellent leading group" at this year's "July 1st" commendation meeting of the group company, and made an advanced and typical speech at the economic activity analysis meeting in the first half of the year. Liao Jianxiang enthusiastically "praised" the work results achieved by Chuxiang Construction Engineering Group and spoke highly of Chuxiang "excellent leadership, excellent team quality and excellent performance figures."

Liao Jianxiang stressed the need to adhere to strategic navigation and firm strategic conservation. Strategy carries the confidence, responsibility and mission of an enterprise.The reason why the group company can achieve desperate survival and strive for self-improvement in the "13th five year plan" stage lies in having a correct and clear strategy and being able to implement it firmly and effectively.Chuxiang construction engineering can achieve leapfrog development this year, but also thanks to a good grasp of strategic contingency.At present, the "14th five year plan" of the group company has been approved by the executive meeting of the provincial government. The qualitative descr1ption of Chu Xiang construction engineering in the "14th five year plan" of the group is to build a domestic first-class large-scale construction engineering group with the ability of mine survey, design, planning, construction and installation and the special qualification of general contracting;The quantitative descr1ption is: strive to reach 10 billion yuan in business scale (contract amount), 7 billion yuan in operating revenue, more than 100 million yuan in total tax revenue and 162 million yuan in total profit by 2025.All levels of Chuxiang construction engineering must further establish strategic thinking and achieve consistent understanding, step by step and action.It is necessary to further enhance the ability of strategic research and policy research, seize the strategic opportunity of vigorously cultivating specialized and special new enterprises in our province, and make targeted deficiencies and forge long plates, so that Chuxiang construction engineering group can continue to develop and grow in the implementation of the "three high and four new" strategy and the construction of a modern new Hunan.

Liao Jianxiang requested that we should adhere to innovation guidance and pay close attention to risk prevention. Chu Xiang construction engineering can be said to be born and prospered due to innovation. In March 2018, the group company carried out institutional innovation and changed the management system of Chuxiang Construction Engineering Group, which greatly stimulated the endogenous driving force of the enterprise, and achieved the goal of increasing revenue and profit by 50% in that year. In recent years, Chuxiang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. has adhered to innovation and reached a new level every year.This year, through innovative implementation of simulated corporate management, enterprises have enhanced their ability to participate in market competition. The simulated legal person management is in line with the development reality of Chuxiang construction engineering at the present stage. The key is to implement effective management and control, so as to form a good situation in which the high-quality development of the enterprise and authorization management promote each other. We should make good use of the policy dividends of our province, such as encouraging enterprises to build engineering technology innovation centers, R & D expenses as profits, and build mine construction research centers to provide the most powerful technical support for building a "mine construction Hunan army".At the same time, we should attach great importance to contract management and pay close attention to risk prevention and control.

Liao Jianxiang demanded that we should adhere to deepening reform and stimulate endogenous power. Through reform, Chuxiang construction engineering group should comprehensively establish a competition, incentive, restraint and supervision mechanism, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of all parties, and further liberate and develop the productive forces.In particular, with the substantial increase of mine trusteeship business, we should pay close attention to the contradiction between the structural redundancy of the headquarters and the structural shortage of the project, strengthen the staffing management and improve the staffing allocation with the guidance of "controlling, reasonably employing and according to the needs", the principle of "full load and high efficiency", and with reference to the per capita labor productivity of advanced enterprises in the same industry, Revitalize the stock according to the staffing standard, optimize the personnel structure and improve production efficiency. We should solidly promote the tenure system and contractual management of the management level, seriously carry out the action of benchmarking first-class management improvement and the activity of "comparing safety to benefit and ecology", constantly improve the core competitiveness of enterprises and enhance their own certainty, especially by establishing and improving the "competition mechanism, reward mechanism and elimination mechanism", and vigorously create a comparative learning catch-up, New weather and new fashion unwilling to lag behind.

Liao Jianxiang stressed that we should adhere to strengthening Party building and highlight political empowerment.We should promote the deep integration of Party building and production and operation.Highlight political empowerment, adhere to transforming the party's political and organizational advantages into new driving forces for enterprise production and operation, reform and development, and adhere to testing the combat effectiveness of Party organizations, the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members and the effectiveness of Party construction with the results of enterprise reform and development and production and operation.We should promote the deep integration of party history learning and education with the core cultural concept of the enterprise.Through in-depth study and implementation of the spirit of the important speech delivered by general secretary Xi Jinping at the 100th anniversary congress of China's Communist Party and the spirit of the important speech at the National Party Building Conference of state owned enterprises, we combine the important learning speeches with the ongoing party history learning and education, and combine with the three year action of state owned enterprises reform, and persist in carrying out the main business of learning and responsibility.The party's construction works in the same direction and with the same frequency, vigorously carries forward the great party building spirit, earnestly practices the enterprise code of conduct of "unified trust", and condenses a strong joint force to promote the high-quality development of the group.

Hu Ruilian, deputy secretary of the Party committee, director and deputy general manager of Xiangmei group, Cao Jianshu, member of the Party committee and deputy general manager, Zhang Xinjian, Secretary of the board of directors of the joint stock company and heads of relevant departments and offices participated in the investigation;The leading group of Chuxiang construction engineering group attended the meeting.