Chuxiang Construction Engineering Group: upgrading with cultural "soft power" Develop "high quality"


For the high-quality development of enterprises, we should not only establish the road and shape, but also cultivate the soul.How to stimulate the "one pool of spring water" in the construction of enterprise culture of state-owned enterprises?How does corporate culture lead the high-quality development of state-owned enterprises?Since the beginning of this year, in order to further promote the strategy of building an enterprise through culture, revitalizing the enterprise through culture and strengthening the enterprise through culture, Chuxiang Construction Engineering Group has attached importance to the cultivation and construction of enterprise culture, taken multiple measures to promote productivity through culture, made every effort to launch the brand of "mining construction Hunan army", activated the "source" and strengthened the "wharf".

Culture casts soul, directional navigation

To build a first-class enterprise, we must implement the new development concept, adhere to the guidance of Party construction, give full play to the advantages of state-owned enterprises and cultivate excellent culture.Chuxiang Construction Engineering Group adheres to the banner guidance, and on the basis of formulating the corporate culture target plan, it brings all directly affiliated units into the cultural construction system and into the party construction assessment.At the same time, focus on the objectives and requirements of party history learning and education, and implant the party's ideological value system into the whole process of corporate culture construction.

On the basis of summarizing, refining and sublimating the cultural accumulation of more than 60 years, Chuxiang Construction Engineering Group has constructed an enterprise culture system from three levels: strategic concept, value concept and implementation concept, so as to build Chuxiang spirit, Chuxiang value and Chuxiang strength.Create a cultural position of "one corridor, one living room and two homes", prepare the corporate culture manual and employee code, unify and solidify the code of conduct of all employees, show the red gene and blue feelings of the company in a diversified manner, and build a good atmosphere for all employees to work together, seek common development and advance and retreat together.

Cultural integration and rooting

"The construction of corporate culture should be integrated with the times, history and Party building. We should fully tap and establish the red gene of Chuxiang Construction Engineering Group, further enrich the cultural carrier, let employees feel the company's culture all the time, and enhance their sense of identity and cohesion." in Chuxiang Construction Engineering group, "new Chuxiang, new development and new culture"At the discussion of corporate culture, employees enthusiastically made suggestions.

In order to implement the construction idea of "forming an atmosphere in one year, achieving results in two years and achieving results in three years", the company formulated the implementation plan of "enterprise culture learning and improvement year" of Hunan Chuxiang Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. in 2021, created "three series" and "eleven one projects" enterprise cultural activities, and further deepened the cultural identity of all cadres and employees,Make corporate culture an effective carrier to unite people and team.

Chuxiang Construction Engineering Group attaches great importance to the establishment of rules and regulations, integrates the construction of systems and standards into the unified corporate culture system, promotes the integration of values into the whole process of system formulation and implementation, carries out the activity of "system implementation year", effectively affects employees' performance through "hard constraints" of rules and regulations, standards and procedures, and promotes the common development of employees and enterprises.

In addition, we will vigorously promote the construction of improving the quality and efficiency of corporate culture, and strive for practical results in terms of standardization, characteristics and effectiveness.Carry out the enterprise culture knowledge competition, "Chuxiang construction Cup" second workers' men's basketball game, and build a team to publicize the enterprise culture, so as to infiltrate the people with rich and colorful activities.In the follow-up, we will do a good job in collecting excellent behavior cases of employees and compile a book "the most beautiful Chuxiang people" to influence people around us with things around us;Carry out the essay competition of "I grow up with Chu and Xiang", and strengthen cultural self-confidence and sense of ownership.

Cultural empowerment, potential and efficiency

"Focus on the goal of strengthening the enterprise with culture, promote the integration of corporate culture into the central work, key tasks and international development, forge the Iron Army of mining and construction with excellent culture, and unite the strong joint force of building 'mining and construction leader and century old Chu Xiang'." Nie Qiuhong, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the company, said.

As an old state-owned enterprise, Chuxiang Construction Engineering Group, with more than 60 years of development history and generations of Huxiang coal miners, has forged the enterprise spirit of "positive orientation, full struggle", "no struggle, no Chuxiang", and the core values of "pragmatism, dedication, innovation and forge ahead" reflect the company's distinctive value orientation.In Chuxiang, adhering to the corporate vision of "building a world influential Chinese mining construction corps", actively explore overseas markets, successfully win the bid for Vietnam Maoxi coal mine project, and carefully build an international brand;Guided by the "three biggest" and "three first" safety concepts of Xiangmei group, the company has implemented the company's safety concept of "responsibility compaction, system implementation and effective means", built a strong line of defense for safety production, and has been rated as "red flag unit of safety production" by Xiangmei group for four consecutive years;Adhere to the brand concept of "doing a project, making friends, creating first-class performance and building a monument", give full play to the advantages in safety, production and quality management, win a number of mine construction, housing construction and mine trusteeship projects, and continuously inject new momentum into optimizing the industrial structure and improving the development quality, which is highly affirmed by the local government and owners.

Next, Chuxiang Construction Engineering Group will continue to promote the construction of corporate culture, integrate corporate culture into the 14th five year plan, transformation and development, and work bit by bit, promote productivity with culture, and provide strong cultural support for the high-quality development of the enterprise.