Liuxiang coal mine has successfully passed mine capacity increase Verification by National Mine Safety Supervision Bureau


From August 23 to 25, Zhang Bin and his party consisted of 11 people, an expert group of the State Administration of mine safety, went to Liuxiang coal mine to conduct on-site verification on the verification of the annual production capacity from 1.2 million tons to 2.4 million tons.

Feng Jizhi, Secretary of the general Party branch and general manager of the mine trusteeship business department of Chuxiang Construction Engineering Group, reported on the implementation of production capacity verification, and thanked all leaders and experts for participating in this verification on behalf of Liuxiang coal mine.Feng Zhizhi hoped that during the verification, all experts could put forward more valuable opinions and suggestions, and said that Liuxiang coal mine would carefully listen to the opinions of experts and rectify and improve the deficiencies in the work in time.Cooperate with the working group to complete the verification work with high standards, high quality and high efficiency.

The verification working group was divided into seven groups: Mining and reserves group, geological survey and water prevention group, electromechanical transportation group, lifting group, one connection and three prevention group, power supply group and safety and comprehensive group. They inquired about the work in detail, listened to the report, went to the ground production, coal mining face and other places to understand the mine safety production in detail, and had an in-depth understanding of 30110 fully mechanized top coal caving face, geological survey and water preventionThe intelligent construction of the mine, etc. comprehensively touch and arrange the Liuxiang coal mine in terms of the occurrence of mine resources, safety status, degree of mechanization, working face layout and production connection.

After in-depth inspection, the experts compared the requirements of the "notice on the verification of qualified production capacity of qualified coal production capacity" and the "coal production capacity management measures" (emergency [2020] 30) requirements, and on-site related information, combined with the problems found in the inspection process, from the advanced technology, production efficiency, resource utilization, safety protection capabilities,In terms of environmental protection level, eva1uate the consistency between the production capacity of each system of Liuxiang coal mine and the actual situation.

Feng Zhizhi thanked the expert group for its hard work in the past two days and the guidance and help of Liuxiang coal mine, and asked Liuxiang coal mine to take the opportunity of capacity increase to promote the standardization of safety management to a higher level.

After two days of work of the working group, the verification of capacity increase in Liuxiang coal mine was successfully completed.Liuxiang coal mine successfully passed the on-site verification of the expert group of the State Bureau of mine safety supervision.

Chen Liangfa, deputy general manager of Huaneng Coal Industry Co., Ltd., Zhou Xiang, general manager of Shaanxi mining branch of Huaneng Coal Industry Co., Ltd., and Feng Zhizhi, Secretary of the general Party branch and general manager of the mine trusteeship division of Chuxiang construction engineering group participated in the verification.