Didi's true feelings are warm, and the morale of overseas employees is high


"Sun Xiaofeng stayed in Vietnam during the epidemic. As a wife, all I have to do is be a strong backing and thank the company's labor union for coming to visit us." 

Recently, the trade union of Chuxiang Construction Engineering Group carried out overseas employee care activities, which was a scene when Chen Honghu, Secretary of the company's Discipline Inspection Commission and chairman of the trade union, expressed condolences at the home of employee sun Xiaofeng.

Affected by the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the company's overseas employees have been fighting for a whole year in Vietnam.They overcame the difficulties of leaving their hometown, lack of language and heavy construction tasks. Relying on excellent professional technology and rich construction experience, they fought hard battles and built hard villages. The project quality was well eva1uated and accepted in the strict inspection of local provinces and cities, and made positive contributions to establishing the company's brand image and promoting the stable development of international business,The employee's family members also gave full understanding and strong support with hard work.

The company always manages and cares for overseas employees based on the principle of "strict management" and "love".On the one hand, according to the actual situation of leaving the country in batches, implement the "first come, first rest" rotation system to ensure the reasonable and orderly development of the project, and set up special incentive funds to reward employees who stick to the front line of the project and actively prevent and control the epidemic during the Spring Festival.On the other hand, the labor union of the company adopts the method of "online communication + offline visit" to fully cover the family members of the employees of the Vietnam project, fully understand the family situation of the overseas employees, introduce the specific measures of overseas epidemic prevention in detail, and implement the care and care for the overseas employees, so as to transfer the warmth of the "mother's family" to the employee's family.At the same time, send the consolation items to the family members of the employees by mail.

On the eve of the Spring Festival, the Party committee, administration and trade union of the company jointly sent a letter of condolences to the project department. Nie Qiuhong, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the company, specially recorded a video of new year's greetings to all the employees of the Vietnam project. All the staff of the project department were encouraged and said that they would carry forward the enterprise spirit of "positive orientation, full struggle" and "no struggle, no Chu Xiang", roll up their sleeves and work hard,Strive for an early and smooth return.

Next, the company held psychological counseling courses for overseas employees to strengthen ideological counseling.According to the established family files of overseas employees and family one-to-one contact grid, we regularly take telephone and wechat chat to timely understand the living conditions and difficulties of employees' families, and give assistance at the first time, so as to make overseas cadres and employees feel at ease in their work and their families' lives

Through a series of caring activities, overseas employees and their families feel the care and warmth of the company, enhance their sense of identity and belonging, and condense their entrepreneurial enthusiasm and ambition to strengthen and expand overseas undertakings.